Volume 79 (2018)

Strengthening Charter School Authorization Laws, in Ohio and Across the Country

Courtney Kasuboski

This Note considers one of the few issues that does not live neatly on partisan lines: publicly attended, yet privately run charter schools. In this Note, drawing on her own experience as a teacher in a New York City charter school, Kasuboski seeks to understand how Ohio’s charter school laws currently function compared to the laws of other states, and proposes how Ohio’s laws can be improved. Some of these recommendations include better state control of charter school authorizers, defined separation of church and state, defined separation of control between an authorizer and a school, and reforming the school reporting system to both better identify failing schools and to better promote report card information to families. Read Kasuboski’s full Note here.

January 1, 2018 marked the start of Furthermore Volume 79. Previous issues of Furthermore can be found here in our archives.